Join us on a nice boat tour and look at Bohusläns provincial animals, Knubbsälen

We start from the port of Marstrand and head out towards the island of Hamneskär where the red Hedienstamfyren Pater Noster stands right on the border between the two seas Skagerrak and Kattegat. In the area outside Marstrand and the islands south of usually there are plenty of seals and we know of course to the places where Knubbsälarna usually lie and bask on the rocks. During the tour, our experienced skipper tells the story of Marstrand, Knubbsälarnas life and the fishing industry that has meant a lot to the archipelago.

If you want coffee, we will of course arrange it!


April – August

Regular tours

We carry out tours on request both for companies as well as private individuals every day.


Personal liability Insurance
Time needed: about 1,5-2 hours, (can be customised)


3400 kr / boat
Coffee 55 kr/p