The annual lobster fishing will start on the Monday after 20 September. Fish lobster with us and then eat it at one of Marstrand's restaurants. Would you like to expand your adventure even more, take the opportunity to stay overnight at one of Marstrand's hotels

An adventure in three parts. Start the day with lobster fishing around Marstrand and enjoy the amazing Bohuslän archipelago.
Our experienced fisherman will guide you between the West Coast islets and Skerries. It is you who stand for fishing with all that it means; Pull up the pots by hand, vittjar cages, chaff about and put back in the sea again. Then you enjoy a tasty hummermiddag at one of Marstrand's delightful taverns. You spend the night at one of Marstrand's hotels, perhaps in combination with a spa. Enjoy a glass of wine in the hot tub and gaze out over the harbour.

Why not embellish the experience of also boiling your catch directly on the jetty and eating with light accessories and a glass of wine? See more under Options


Monday after 20 September – last December

Regular tours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at 09.00 and at 13.00 unless otherwise stated. We naturally carry out tours on request for both companies and individuals every day.


2 350 SEK/person ex VAT
2 550 KR/person inc VAT
Drinks are added


Warm floatation/Stand, gloves
Accommodation in a double room
Personal liability Insurance
Duration: Full day
Qty: 2-50 People


Cook the lobster on the jetty adjacent to our own local, Marstrands Sjöbod, 395 SEK/P ex VAT. Applies only to groups of at least 8 persons, half a lobster/p

Oysters and bubble on the jetty, 249 SEK/p ex VAT

Lunch, from 130 KR/p ex VAT