Prepare and eat a three-course menu together with friends or colleagues in our local, Marstrands Sjöbod, located in the middle of Marstrands old Fiskhamn

Under the supervision of our chef we guarantee a memorable evening. Socialize together in the kitchen for a few hours and prepare a menu inspired by the sea.
You are divided into smaller groups and take care of the different parts of the dinner, appetizer, main course and dessert. Everything from preparing, organizing and serving is included. The chef teaches you how to choose and handle good ingredients, tastes and prepares for the absolute best taste experience.
Don't Worry! There is plenty of time to mingle when everything takes place in the same cooking room, only a stone's throw away from Marstrands Havshotell.


All year


1295 SEK/p ex VAT
Drinks are added

(minimum charge 12950 SEK)


Three course Dinner
Duration: About 6 hours
Quantity: 10-24 people, minimum 10 people

Please combine with

Seafood fishing & bring the catch into the kitchen, 650 SEK/p ex VAT

Lobster fishing & bring the catch into the kitchen, 900 SEK/p ex VAT

Mackerel fishing & bring the catch into the kitchen, 695 SEK/p ex VAT

Oysters & bubble on the jetty, 249 KR/p ex VAT