Shellfish fishing

Join us on an exciting seafood fishing on the West Coast in the area around Marstrand and its fantastic fishing waters.
Choppy and crayfish can be conducted in principle all year round and it is you who stand for work on board under the guidance of our experienced fishermen. Why not combine your fishing adventure by boiling the catch directly when you come ashore on the jetty? Prepare the shellfish together and create a culinary experience that you will never forget. Take the opportunity to stay overnight at one of Marstrand's friendly hotels and have a morning swim. Everything can be done according to your wishes. See below for our different offers.

Shellfish fishing

Catch the salty delicacies of the sea under the guidance of our experienced fishermen. We fish both crayfish and crab with cage in the waters around Marstrand. An unbeatable fishing and nature experience!

Fish and prepare your own seafood

Start the day with shellfish fishing and then cook and enjoy a three-course menu with inspiration from the sea. Together with our professional chef, you cook and prepare your freshly caught seafood and create a culinary masterpiece and not least an unforgettable evening of cooking.

Seafood fishing and seafood buffet in Sjöboden

Start the day with seafood fishing and then enjoy a rich seafood buffet with (if the catches are good) freshly cooked seafood in our local, Marstrand's boathouse, located in the old fish harbour.

Shellfish Fishing with dinner

Choppy and crayfish during the day followed by seafood dinner in the evening at one of Marstrand's nice restaurants.

Seafood fishing, dinner and accomodation

Expand your seafood adventure by having dinner at one of Marstrand's taverns and take the opportunity to stay overnight at fantastic Marstrand. Why not spend the day after in the spa or wandering around the island?