Expand your seafood adventure by having dinner at one of Marstrand's taverns and take the opportunity to stay overnight at the amazing Marstrand

Why not spend the day after in the spa or wandering around the island? Finally an adventure in three parts. Start the day with choppy and crayfish around Marstrand and enjoy the rugged cliffs of Bohuslän and the West Coast's fishing waters.
Our fishermen will take you on a fishing boat tour between the islets and skerries of the west coast. You do all the work on board yourself, pulling up pots by hand, cleaning cages, baiting and throwing them back into the sea. Afterwards you will enjoy a seafood dinner in one of Marstrand's restaurants. You stay overnight in one of Marstrand's hotels, perhaps in combination with a spa experience. Enjoy a glass of wine in the hot tub and look out over the harbour.



Regular tours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at 09.00 and 12.30 unless otherwise stated. We offer tours on request for companies as well as for private persons every day.


From 2550 kr/p
Drinks are added


Warm floatation/Stand, gloves
Personal liability Insurance
Duration: Full day
Qty: 2-50 People


Oyster opening pier, 195 kr/p
Lunch, from 135 kr/p